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Bronze vs. Iron in Antiquity

My favorite ancient civilization is Greece, because of their mythology (cool but revolting and cruel) and also their armour, weaponry, and their love of arts. So, about ancient Greece, you probably know that the Bronze Age came first and then the Iron Age. I told that to Dad, but he said that can’t be, because we all know that Iron is much more common than either copper or tin, the two metals alloyed to make bronze. I showed him a page on wikipedia and proved I was right.

Just a few minutes ago, I researched in a book, and this is what I found: Copper melts at a fairly low temperature, and Tin can be melted in a regular kitchen oven, so it was easy to smelt, mix together, and cast them. Iron melts at too high a temperature for the people in the Bronze Age to make, so it wasn’t until the Iron Age that people could make a high enough temperature to melt the Iron. Once people discovered that, their army had now stronger and more plentiful weaponry.