The Southern Gentleman

This blade I forged several months ago but hadn’t got around to finishing, due to my being out of sharp drill bits. Recently I found out an efficient way to re sharpen them and so set about to finish it. The morning of the day I began work however, I went on an Art of Manliness article reading spree, which resulted in the unique finish of this knife. The style is called Brut de Forge, where many rough forged parts are left in instead of ground. This gives Brut de Forge blades and extremely tough and rustic look, which is enhanced when I combined it with the tough shape and thick, heavy steel, forged from a farriers rasp. The incredibly beautiful ironwood and brass pins balances this out, in a very smooth and refined finish. This combined tough and manly with comfortable, smooth and polite, all ideals that manifest themselves in the art of manliness, and especially the ideal of the “southern gentleman”, hence the name.

image image image

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