Instagram for Craftsmen

Instagram is often unthought of or overlooked by craftsmen, but is very proficient at getting your name and work out there and in common knowledge. The biggest two pluses for craftsmen are these: one, that it operates primarily on photos, and two, it’s incredibly easy to immediately upload photos from your phone and post them. This means you can take and upload pictures as you work on a project, without slowing down your work. And so, followers pretty much see the entire process from start to finish, so they get the inside scoop on both how much work it is, and how the object (in my case knives) is really built. People are interested in learning how things work, and so seeing the steel being forged, seeing the blade being ground, sanded, sharpened, the wood cut and formed, and so on really draws them in, and they can see, through the process of its making, exactly what the quality is. They can also see when a new knife is finished, and can make an offer on it. When this happens, and they get the knife, they will post a photo of it to their followers, which increases my following. From one sale to a knife enthusiast, fifty of his followers followed me, and many of those gave offers on my knives.

Also, many other types of craftsmen, with related trades, can interact with you. For example, I follow a lot of leather workers and woodworkers, and a lot of both follow me. The trades overlap, so everyone has at least a basic understanding of how the other craft works, as well as a use for it. Leather workers and woodworkers both have a need for good custom knives, and knifemakers need leather sheaths and handle woods. Perfectly set up for trades, and once a trade is made, both people post photos of what they got, and so both get a follower increase.

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