Venturi Forge Burner

I really need to upgrade my forge burner, so I’m going to attempt this. This post is going to be more or less writing down everything I need for it, and how it works, so I can reference in the future. This type of burner focuses on the venturi principle, which states that funneling a pipe and reducing the diameter reduces the pressure on the gases flowing through, so whatever is being blown into that pipe sucks the nearby atmosphere into the pipe as well. So the basic venturi burner has a nozzle blowing the propane gas into a cone. This cone sucks the air outside in with it, mixing the propane and oxygen together as they flow. Increasing the gas pressure increases the air pressure roughly the same amount. At the other end of the pipe is where they both spread out and burn. Flame does not burn up inside the pipe because the force of gas and air pushes it out as it burns. This diagram shows the basic construction of a venturi burner. Most forges are quite large however so I’m not sure I’m going to want the standard 1 inch diameter pipe for it. What I need are:

Cone piece for the back, with holes drilled for a pipe to go through the side.

Brass gas pipe section that goes through said cone, blocked off at the end. #57 hole drilled halfway in, pointing down the cone. Other end of gas pipe has converter to hose, which then attaches to a regulator, which screws onto gas tank.

Attaching to the small end of the cone, the long pipe, about a foot or so. This pipe will then insert directly into the forge.

I’ll start the forge by putting a small piece of burning paper inside the forge and turn on the gas, which will ignite when it hits the paper. I’m more or less using this as my guide for all this. Let’s hope it works out!


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