Coming Back!!

It’s really been a long time since I’ve posted here, so I’ll run through what I’ve been doing since last I blogged, which I now realize was over a year ago. My bladesmithing has improved a lot, as has a bit of my silversmithing. Silver’s gone down a lot in price, which is really nice for practice. I’ve built up my work area and gotten tools, so I’m at the point where I no longer focus on getting tools or supplies. I’ve done my first successful hamon, and made a few trades over the last twelve months. In September I went to an ABS hammer-in, where I learned a lot. A family friend built and gave me the frame for a belt grinder (think really really fast small conveyor belt with sandpaper instead of rubber), and I finished putting it all together, getting belts and wheels, etc.

I’ve realized the main area I need to improve is my fit and finish; making sure everything is perfectly sanded or polished, and guards fit exactly to the blade, and so on. It’s still really tough but I’m gradually getting there. A few months ago, I scored about a hundred bucks worth of leather (half a hide or so) for five dollars, so I have plenty to practice with. It’s a whole separate art from bladesmithing and silversmithing, but I’m getting the hang of it.

I mainly post my work on instagram now; . Here’s some of my better work from the past year, most will be work in progress pictures.

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And last photo.

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