Ufberht gerade.jpg


This poem is off of a documentary I watched not long ago, “Secrets of the Viking Sword” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeGv_PU4ZkA


Long ago, in the fires of the past,
The smiths of old forged a sword that would last
Through centuries unbounded,
Rivers, Burials, and in the dirt, grounded.
What was this sword, the sword of mystery
The mighty blade, who’s secret was lost throughout history?
The Ulfberht it’s called, no one knows why
For its secrets, hidden and shrouded in mystery, lie.
Inlaid on these blades, forge welded in,
Is where the title “Ulfberht” is hid’n.
For centuries and decades,
We knew not the secrets of these blades,
Until one stepped forward, a Fiery Beard
And began to unravel its secrets, until they were cleared.
Now we know more, of the elusive Ulfberht,
But still mysteries remain, and the lack of knowledge, in our mind, hurts.
Who was the smith? Why was the name?
This is lost to history, indeed a great shame.

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