20 Of the best Bladesmiths

Here’s a list of 20 of the top bladesmiths, not really in any order.

  1. Don Fogg (creator of the Bladesmiths forum)
  2. Owen Bush http://owenbush.co.uk/
  3. Aaron Wilburn http://www.wilburnforge.com/
  4. Dave Stephens http://stephensforge.com/
  5. Jake Powning http://powning.com/jake/
  6. Petr Florianek http://gullinbursti.cz/index.php?lang=en&page=home
  7. Peter Johnsson http://www.peterjohnsson.com/
  8. J Arthur Loose http://www.jloose.com
  9. Michael Pikula https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michaels-Smithy/271965196223148
  10. David D. http://cedarloreforge.com/
  11. Murray Carter http://www.cartercutlery.com/
  12. William F. Moran
  13. Don Hastings
  14. B. R. Hughes
  15. Kevin Cashen
  16. Bill Burke
  17. Tom Ferry
  18. Steve Koster http://www.kosterhandforgedknives.com/
  19. Rick Furrer
  20. Jesus Hernandez http://jhbladesmith.com/

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