Market Research

As some of my readers know, I have been developing an E-book and kit designed to help people determine what jewelry would best complement their appearance, personality, and other features. Before beginning to create the product though, I had to make sure that there were people that would be interested in buying such a product.

In general, people want to know what would enhance ones appearance, (especially young ladies), so I was pretty sure of a go there. Just to make sure that people would actually want such a thing, I also posted a topic on a public (homeschoolers) forum and said that if they would send me a picture of themselves, I would tell them what jewelry would look best on them. At first, just a couple of personal friends sent photos just because, but after a little while more and more people, including some I didnt know, applied, and I would tell them what colors, shapes, and styles would look best, and for those I knew better I could work off of their personalities as well. I mustve worked through at least 25 people, and as more and more kept applying, I began to consider the piece to person kit.


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