Men’s Pendant

Before I begin, let me just tell you that designing and creating a pendant for men is hard. REALLY hard. Rings all you have to do is give it a thicker design, and a man can wear it. Pendants… you can’t do that. However, I do believe I got pretty close!!


The pendant is made from copper wire, Chrysoprase,  and leather.

I designed this beforehand, with several considerations in mind. I designed this for myself, by the way. I wanted something designed along a horizontal, not vertical, axis, as my face and body are fairly thin and built along a vertical axis. Leather cord enhances manliness, and having the necklace very short gives the appearance of thickening and “muscling” the neck. I chose the stone chrysoprase, as it is bright and joyful, “extraverted” which reflects my personality. The swirly design also gives the appearance of ideas and swirling creativity, which is also part of my personality. Copper in general gives a rustic, masculine, look to it.

I started by melting scrap bits of copper wire into a big blob, then cold-forged it into a thick plate. I then annealed a four short sections of copper wire, and bent them over the braced stone (which I recycled from an old piece of jewelry) to form it. Two large pieces of wire, two small. I then soldered together, side-by-side, big wire section and small wire section. I did this with the other sections as well, so I had two “strips” that would hold the stone in place.


I then soldered one strip onto the base plate (the blob I had forged out earlier), and put the stone underneath it, in the position it would be held later on. I then marked out the position the second strip would be. I removed the stone, and soldered in place the second strip, sort of resembling shoulder straps. Then I made two small rings, which I soldered onto either end of the piece. This is what the leather strap is looped through later.

Finally, I set the stone. Sanding away a bit of one strip, I forced the stone in between the two, and pressed both shoulder strips over top to secure the stone in. I then sanded and polished the pendant, leaving some areas rough for a rustic look. For the “chain”, I looped a leather cord through both rings, and secured them at the back of the neck with a “loop-and-bead” clasp.


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