Adding Piece To Person

Silver filigree handcrafted necklace

Silver filigree handcrafted necklace (Photo credit: Tikanchay handcrafted jewelry from Peru)


Jewelry. What is the main purpose of


ID #1234 Malibu Waves Full Persian Chain Maill...

ID #1234 Malibu Waves Full Persian Chain Maille Necklace (Photo credit: The ChainMaille Lady)


jewelry? To look beautiful, right? Wrong. Jewelry serves a higher purpose than just to glitter.


Jewelry’s main purpose is to make its wearer beautiful, or at least to attract attention to her. If her eyes are spectacular, the right earrings can “steer” the viewer’s eyes to hers. If she has a very prominent nose, a long necklace can bring the viewer’s eye down to meet the pendant, or a correctly styled earring could bring attention above the nose, to the eyes or the hair.


With the correct jewelry, a person could appear taller, shorter, thinner, heavier, lighten or darken skin tone, older, younger, extrovert or introvert. And, almost as important as these, a piece must complement the colors of a wearer’s hair, eyes, and skin tone.


This is quite a large part of a professional jeweler’s job, and often poses quite a challenge. What looks just dastardly on one person can make another looking celebrity. I’ve been studying these techniques and “rules” of jewelrywear, and I’ll post a summary of my learnings in the next few blog posts.

Interestingly, I’ve never really thought of jewelry other than to bling and look pretty. Jewelry is not supposed to look pretty, it’s supposed to make the wearer look pretty.

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