How I Limit Myself

Part of the reason I was able to reach 200 posts is by limiting myself as to how much I write, time-wise. Doing this helps me so I don’t pack in too much information, and stay focused. And it makes this post-machine (me) much more efficient. Here is my strategy:

Really, it’s pretty simple. I limit myself to one hour of writing. Fifteen minutes to half an hour researching the subject, and about half an hour writing. The trick is when researching, to beforehand imagine exactly what I need to know about a subject, and research just that, without getting off-topic on other subjects. I use Wikipedia for most of my researching (I rarely use Google; too broad normally), and I try to keep myself from wandering onto other articles. Once I have the information I need, I begin writing, and keep doing so until I’ve finished or until I’ve run out of time. As soon as my hour is up, I stop, save draft, and leave it until the next day, when I continue and finish writing. If I finish a past post on a given day, I prefer not to start another, as facts from the previous post tend to jumble up my brain.

This little technique is actually very effective. You know how I know that? I’ve been using it for the last three years!


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