This book I actually borrowed from my local gem club, the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society.

The book is about half jewelry design, and half casting, finishing, etc.. I really read the book mainly for the sections on sketching jewelry and fitting the right person to a particular pendant (Chapter ten; style and fashion), which, by the way, I found extremely helpful.

It is very simple and straightforward, but it does go into quite a lot of detail when necessary. The author also makes sure to stay on topic, and there is no area that I have read that strays from any said topic.

For how accurate the information is, I cannot really tell in the “style and fashion” chapter, as most, if not all, I know about that topic comes from the book itself. He does give good examples and drawings that demonstrate a piece’s effect on a particular person though, so I do trust that he is right on what he knows.

The author, Gerald L. Wykoff, is a diamond cutter, lapidary, goldsmith, and jewelry designer. He is also a Graduate Gemologist (certified by the Gemological Institute of America), as well as the Executive director of the American Society of Gem-cutters, and holds high position in the jeweler world.

Also, as I may have stated before, is I did not really read the sections on casting, finishing, etc, as I was focused on the design topics, as well as having good sources for casting and finishing readings, so I cannot give much information, good or bad, about those areas.

The only real con, is the photographs. Yes, this book was printed in the 80’s, but the shots are very clouded, dark, or cluttered. The photographs are in black and white. The drawings he adds himself are much clearer, and serve their purpose well. The only good photograph in this book is on the cover, really.

So, overall, for those looking into how to draw jewelry quickly and effectively, as well as studying design and fashion, this is the book to get.


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