We Have a Winner!!

Congratulations Clara Schoen!! You were the first to have answered all the questions correctly.

A massive stone means it has no crystal structure.

Heating up standard steel to the point where it will no longer stick to a magnet (critical temperature), and then dunking it in water will indeed harden it. 

Silver has the best electrical conductivity, and coincidentally also is the most reflective element known to man.

The birthstone of March is Aquamarine, which in fact means Sea-Water.

And the hardness of Topaz is 8 on the mohs scale, just below Ruby and Sapphire.

Clara, just email me at caleb@stonesoftheearth.com and request your prize, as well as giving me your address. If you get back to me in time (and if you don’t live in the Sahara or something), you should have the Emerald by early next week.

Everyone else, thank you so much for reading and competing!! I’ve still got QUITE a lot more posts in me, so please, subscribe and read!! Until next time, stay bright!

-Caleb Harris


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