Birthstones, Part Last

Okay, before I get started, I’ve got a little announcement to make. I have been writing on this blog for the past three years or so, and today’s post is going to be number 199. That means tomorrow’s is gonna be 200, so I’m going to have a celebration post. I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna do, but it’ll be awesome, so SUBSCRIBE!!   Anyway, now onto the post, November and December.



Imperial Topaz (Photo credit: Orbital Joe)


Blue topaz crystals from Brazil.

Blue topaz crystals from Brazil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


November’s Birthstone is Topaz, which comes in several colors, normally a dull blue. However, Topaz’ crystal structure can be altered very slightly, so as to change the color. Almost all blue or brown crystals are heat treated, and so bring the color almost to a Sapphire or even an Aquamarine blue. One color of Topaz though, does not need heat treating. Imperial Topaz, also known as cherry Topaz, is worth quite a bit, and very prized. It is nowhere near as common as the blue Topaz, and so is worth a lot. Keep in mind, if you have Topaz jewelry, to be very careful; this stone is very hard (8, just below Corundum), but brittle. It can chip easily, so it you’re gonna go fencing for the day, it may be wise not to wear your Topaz ring.    Topaz reflects the personality of someone who is calm, reserved, and someone who likes to take charge, wether it is wise or not. If put under a tons of stress, this person might crack, and let loose their temper, but otherwise they show remarkably hard resistance. They have very firm ideals, and are sure to stick to them.


A Turquoise pendant made by the owner of this blog

A Turquoise pendant made by the owner of this blog

December’s birthstone is Turquoise, which is surprising for the wintery month. The best Turquoise is a very bright sky blue, and very highly prized by jewelers, especially Native American silversmiths. Turquoise is very soft, and easy to cut. It does not break very easily, but one must be fairly careful all the same. Turquoise was first found in Egypt, and was then very prized. Turquoise set in funeral pieces back then have lasted to this day!! Around the middle ages, the only source available to the Europeans was in Syria. Merchants from Syria had to go through Turkey to get to Europe, and so the Europeans called the stones Turquoise, which means “Turkish” in old French.    Turquoise would fit the personality of one who is outgoing, bright, and always appearing happy. Occasionally, one may see a streak of unhappiness, or stress, but this person always manages to keep their problems to themselves, not wanting to trouble or hurt others. They would love to socialize, but know how to help out the individual, always giving them good and dependable advice and comfort.


an interesting fact, the very first post I blogged was about Garnet, the birthstone of the first month of the year, and now I have closed with Turquoise, the last month.



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