Arctic Fire

Every year, a number of professional bladesmiths meet up at a workshop in Alaska, and together, as a team, forge a sword. It takes them four days to do it, and it takes all their skills combined to create this sword. This is Arctic Fire.

For four hours every day, for four days, they work on the sword, the whole time being filmed live on youtube. Just so you know, I’m actually watching it as I write, so pardon me if I get a little… disorientated.

This sword, when they are done, will be multi-thousands of dollars, and some person who watches the live video will get it. It’s not gonna be sold, nor given away by a random drawing. What happens, is once the sword is completed, it is going to be hidden away in some part of the world, and it is the viewers part is to find where the sword will be hidden, and what the sword’s name will be. The viewer will find this out from clues hidden throughout the video; if someone guesses correctly on where it is hidden and what the name is, Arctic Fire will pay for their all-round plane fair to retrieve the sword from its hiding place, and keep it.


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