Birthstones Pt. 2

English: Very fine, gem quality emerald crysta...

English: Very fine, gem quality emerald crystal from Muzo Mine, Muzo, Colombia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This month’s birthstone, May, is Emerald. This is the most well-known variety of Beryl, Aquamarine taking second. Emerald, to me, has the most overpoweringly attractive colors of all the birthstones, and so is one of the most sought-after gems, many Emeralds being worth much more than a Diamond of the same size. Just as a side note by the way, stones should not really be thought of as “ooh, a diamond! This is worth more than a ruby!”. It is more of an examination of the quality of gems, rather than deciding it’s worth on what it is, especially  with Emeralds. Why “especially” with Emeralds? Because of the four precious stones, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond, Emerald naturally tends to have the most inclusions, which dramatically affect the stone’s value. Let’s say we have two Emeralds that are the exact same size, weight (let’s say about 3 grams), and shape, yet one is opaque with inclusions, and the other is about as pure as the photo above. The one without very many inclusions would be worth hundreds of dollars, yet the one with the inclusions would only be worth $10 at the most.     The luscious, entrancing tone of the Emerald would best fit the personality of someone who is a deep thinker, someone who tries to be alone, yet always attracts people and becomes friends with them, someone who is compassionate yet quiet.


A white pearl necklace.

A white pearl necklace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

June’s birthstone is technically not a stone at all, but the secretion of a clam. That’s right, June’s birthstone is a Pearl. A Pearl is formed when a piece of debri enters into the clam’s mouth (it IS a mouth, right??). The prevent the debri from contaminating the clam, it slowly secretes over the debri Calcium Dioxide, which is the same material it’s shell is made of. After a long while (ranging from months to years) the debri is completely covered, sometimes in a perfect sphere, depending on the debri shape. The calcium dioxide covers the debri in the same rate and shape as the debri itself, and so the Pearl takes on the original shape of the debri. Those Pearls that are not perfectly spherical are called Baroque Pearls, and are worth considerably less than perfectly spherical ones.  The soft tone of a Pearl would match someone who is soft and accomidating, gentle and kind, someone who likes to take issues easily, with no violent acts. Someone who is soft and kind, and keeps no secrets.

Well, that’s all for today; if your birthstone is Turquoise, it’ll probably be a while until I get around to you. Until then, be bright!!



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1 thought on “Birthstones Pt. 2

  1. Carmerville

    Pearl it is, then! Awesome. I always liked pearls. It doesn’t really describe my personality, but that’s fine! 😉


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