I haven’t done a Gemstone post for a long time, so here we go. The list of the current birthstones and corresponding months. Keep in mind that there are lots of variations, but this is the most common one.


Garnet (name)

Garnet (name) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


January’s birthstone is Garnet. Garnet is actually a class of mineral, but the normally accepted type for January is called Pyrope. The best quality Pyrope is normally an extremely deep red, which invokes deep thought and character, also reminds one of introvertity. Low-quality Garnets are used for abrasives in sandpaper and grinders, as they are very hard, and non-gem quality garnets are plentiful and easily found.




Deutsch: Amethyst, in Tropfenform geschliffen

Deutsch: Amethyst, in Tropfenform geschliffen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

February’s birthstone is Amethyst. Amethyst is one of the few gems that are a definite violet. Amethyst is a variety of quartz, basically rock crystal yet colored purple. Amethyst can range from an extremely deep purple to almost white violet. Sometimes Amethyst forms in huge clumps in caves to form an “Amethyst Cathedral”, a huge clump of Amethyst crystals sometimes six feet high!! It would best fit someone who is outgoing, friendly, and compassionate, knowing everyone and liking to be the center of attention.











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Beryl-Schorl-Quartz-187396 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. The name Aquamarine comes from it’s color: Aqua, which means water, and Marine, which means Sea. Essentially, Sea-water! It is so-called because of the stone’s light blue, sometimes a shade of green. In past times, greenish blue was most sought after, as it was the color of the sea, though today people prefer the light blue, as it seems more pure and “clean”. Aquamarine would best fit a person with a very outgoing personality, someone who likes to shine and be a star, social and a party-person.




English: Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in ...

English: Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in matrix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With April we now come to Diamond, the most popular and well-known gemstone. It is also the hardest substance known to man, hardness 10 on the Mohs hardness scale of 1-10. Hardness refers to the ability to scratch another substance; only a substance with hardness ten (or above) can scratch another substance of the same hardness. Graphite from a pencil, for example, has a hardness of about 1.5, and can be scratched by anything above it on the scale. An interesting thing, is that the shape called “diamond” refers to the natural crystal growth, which interestingly enough many minerals share. A Diamond would best suit a person who is bright and showy, yet firm and hard in their beliefs, someone who believes constructive criticism is good for a person.

Well folks, that’s all for now; I’m out of writing time. Stay around for part two!!


1 thought on “Birthstones

  1. Vanhen Satterwhite

    Cool! ^_^ I’m amethyst. I have this gold ring that’s really intricate with my birth stone in it, I found it on the ground in California. I found 2 really cool expensive rings on the ground that week. California’s great for sidewalk-metal-detecting-valuables. lol 😛


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