I Would Like to Accomplish These Seven Things

#1. Find a good learning program/article in which I could learn about Martensite, Austenite, and Ferrite.

#2. Set up a schedule in which I can study these. I currently have a half hour in my schedule in which I could do so, but I’ll probably need an hour each day to really study it. I love being homeschooled.

#3. Make about five “throwaway” knives, to get a bit of experience.

#4. Get a disc grinder. I visited Harbor Freight a while back, and those grinders look appealing. Also, there’s that mini forge I’ve got my eye on (link in one of the previous posts), and I also need to get ahold of an anvil; a small railroad section should do.

#5. Work on setting up a full-scale workshop. I only get half of the garage, so I’ll have to plan accordingly.

#6. Research full scale hardening and tempering techniques, including, and especially the clay hardening as well as etching.

#7. Learn a bit of leatherworking; enough to make my own sheaths. Grandpa used to do a lot of leatherwork, and he left quite a lot of leather when he and grandma moved.

If I can accomplish these things, then this could convince a possible bladesmithing teacher that I am motivated, and have a bit of experience.


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