Wilburn Forge

Okay, so a few days ago, I went on a shop tour by Journeyman Smith Aaron Wilburn. Mr. Wilburn is currently applying for his Master’s title, and so far has passed the performance test (cutting through a free-hanging rope, two 2-x-4s, and bending to 90 degrees). He is currently working on the show knives.

Anyway, so we were there for about two hours or so, and gained a treasure-trove of information. So the main point of this blog is to write it all down in a place I could find it easily, sorta like the silversmithing inventory post. Sorry if some of this stuff doesn’t make sense to you but… you’ve gotten so many posts, this one’s for me.

Best wood types that he prefers for his handles: Coco Bolo, Ebony, Iron wood, and Maple.

The metal I should focus on using: 5160, used in car springs. I already have two springs.

Walter Sorrel, a person I should look up.

Austenite and Martensite, two stages of steel which I need to look up and read up on.

The Hammer-in in visalia, basically a knife show (three days). http://www.americanbladesmith.com/index.php?section=events&subsection=show_events_details&events_id=23

A mini forge I’m gonna keep my eye on http://usaknifemaker.com/atlas-mini-forge.html?SID=96e63e04535537947d214dadb50d3032

Usa knifemaker website: http://usaknifemaker.com/?SID=96e63e04535537947d214dadb50d3032

A blade forum: http://www.bladeforums.com/

Bob Kramer, a well-known knife maker: http://kramerknives.com/story/

Another knifemaking supply company: http://www.knifemaking.com/default.asp

Titan Anvils, the type of anvil I should be looking for. http://www.nimbaanvils.com/titan.php (I am not to get one under 150 pounds)

An electric oven I need to get, for only heat treating, costing about $1,100. I may have to look into cheaper.

Steel supplier: http://newjerseysteelbaron.com/

Grinder supplier: http://www.trugrit.com/

A disc sander is the first piece of equipment I should save up for. I’ve got my eye on this one: http://www.harborfreight.com/12-inch-direct-drive-bench-top-disc-sander-43468.html

Just recently found this image that will help a ton: tempcolor2.jpg

A website that sells kilns: http://www.paragonweb.com

I need a quench tank, oil (I am currently using just water).

And a hydraulic press.


Okay, a little list of stuff he said I needed to get: Disc grinder (also called a disc sander), Maple wood (I’ve got a whole tree in the front yard, but it needs to be stabilized), a draw file (I think I’ve already got one), a good clamp (got that), epoxy (check), and superglue.

Some heat treating sort of website. Looks expensive, though. http://www.riversidemachine.com/index.html

I am to use Nickel silver for the pins, but not copper. I can get those at RioGrande.

For getting metal drill bits: http://www.mscdirect.com

I am to get Callipers as well, not digital.

OH, and a little solution for etching Damascus steel:

sulpher Acid 10% and water 90% mixed in a jar, after 30 minute your damascus steel blade as cleaned without any oil, dip in this water and look your result of layers when better views appear of damascus layers then takeout from water and dip in only water for 1 hour then takeout from water and clean with cloth and use on it cooking oil or cuconut oil.

5160 steel is pretty cheap; about $3-6 a pound. I should stick to this metal because it is easy to work with, but still performs well as a blade.

Alright, so this is about it. Tomorrow, I should have another post up! Stay with me!


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