Slicing, Hacking and Stabbing

Swords are awesome. I think we all know that. But, which sword would you want for what type of killing? Time to learn your shapes!

Picture of Chinese "Dao" Saber

Picture of Chinese “Dao” Saber. This would do for hacking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hacking sword, Greek. (Photo credit: awrose)

A hacking sword, for chopping through branches or hacking down zombies, would need to have a firm, thick grip, be sindle  and the blade would need to be thin towards the hilt, but still thick enough to hold up the rest of the blade. As the blade progresses, it should thicken, sometimes even curve outwards, into the cutting edge. This thickening would make most of the weight towards the tip of the blade, and produce extremely powerful blows.

English: The Damscus Blade - Twin Edge tip swo...

An eastern slicing sword (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Katana 3

Katana 3 (Photo credit: heril)

Slicing swords would need to be curved, slender, and very sharp. The curve would make it so that, as the sword is swung, the curve would go along with the motion, so the edge, rather than hacking into the target, would “slide” along, a one-way sawing motion, so as to get a clean, fast cut. It takes a lot of practice (trust me) to swing the sword in a way so it slices, not hacks, into the target, but when it does, it cuts fast, smooth, and in a way, beautifully.

Stabbing swords. Hmm… you answer this one. What designs and shapes do YOU think would be essential for a stabbing sword? Comment below!




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