Finished The Murray Carter Sharpening Video!!

English: Murray Carter, 7th Generation Yoshimo...

English: Murray Carter, 7th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith and Certified Master Bladesmith Nederlands: Murray Carter, 7de generatie Yoshimoto Bladesmith en Certified Master Bladesmith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you haven’t read any of the previous posts about Murray Carter, here they are, the Seven Steps of Knife Sharpening, and Carter Cutlery Video.

Murray Carter is a seventeenth generation bladesmith, trained under a Japanese master, and he also gained Master Smith ranking in the ABS.

Anywho, so I finished his two-hour long video just now, and I have to say it is awesome. He covers every possible little detail, goes through on various techniques on testing if the knife is sharp enough, shows the good and bad parts of sharpening gadgets, and of course, the seven steps in sharpening a knife. I have sharpened about ten knives using his procedure, and now they are slicing up newspaper like nobody’s business! Best of all, he is a believer, saved in our Lord!

If your household needs sharp knives, this video is definitely the one to get!

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