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English: Bosch GHG 660 LCD heat gun Polski: Op...

English: Bosch GHG 660 LCD heat gun Polski: Opalarka Bosch GHG 660 LCD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, I fired up the forge for its testing round. For my parents Lotion business, I often do a bit of shrink wrapping work with a heat gun (basically a hot hair dryer), so I used one of those guns for an air source. Just blowing it directly on the coals heated them up, and after they were fully burning, it took only a few seconds to heat up my little piece of a file. With the heat gun blowing, it increased the temperature of the coals from about, oh, 500 degrees fahrenheit to 12000 degrees! And, the fact that it was hot air blowing in, rather than cold air, probably raised the temperature again about 200 degrees more!! Now, that is what I call HOT.

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2 thoughts on “IT WORKS!!!!

  1. Vanhen Satterwhite

    Wow, that’s awesome. *big thumbs up* Amazing job, Caleb. Loved watching the progress you made with this thing, and now to see how it turned out is a real privilege. Well done. 😀

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