The Forge Is Built!

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Okay!! So, finally, I’ve managed to get down to work on the forge. I was planning on having it set in the ground in the backyard using firebricks, but the only suitable place was next to the propane tank, and so was not suitable. Anywho, dad and I came up with a design for a stand-up forge using the firebricks.

First of all, I had to get the bricks. Because I’m too impatient to wait until a time when we go to Home Depot and too cheap to order online, I hunted for them. I found three in the backyard, and five in a “secret” area my little sis showed me. I wonder what people thought I was doing, lugging around all those bricks on the end of a rope…

Anywho, I brought them into the garage and tested them with the acetylene torch. If any cracked, or lost their heat too quickly, I would have to discard them. Luckily, they passed the heat test, and one stayed almost too hot to touch for about five minutes after I had taken away the heat.

An old barrel, which I had cut in half, served as the base and container; I wedged the bottom half into the inverted top half, which fit nice and snug; a perfect container for the firebricks. Then, it was just the simple matter of stacking and arranging the bricks inside the metal container, until they were arranged how I wanted; two of the thickest bricks at the bottom, and three more standing up in the sides; the fourth brick I knocked in half so as to leave an opening for the air to come in through the side. The two leftover bricks I am gonna use to cover the top of the forge, trapping the heat, so as to let the interior heat up faster. The cracks and crevices I filled in with sand, which will keep everything steady.

So, all I have to really do, is add an air source, either from the side as I mentioned before, or from the bottom, cutting a hole in the bottom of the metal container, which would let the air come up through the crack between the two bottom bricks, put in a little charcoal, and fire it up!


2 thoughts on “The Forge Is Built!

  1. Vanhen Satterwhite

    That’s so cool! What’s that green stuff on the bricks? Just scuff marks, or sand?
    Well, I’ll be looking forward to seeing pics of it in use and what you make with it. 😀


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