Making a Forge

So, something I’m gonna try out in the near future. Just as long as I mow away enough grass in the backyard, I should be fine about the whole dry grass thing, summer coming and all. Anyway, this is what the forge would probably be patterned after:

First of all, I will need a good plate, or sort of a bin, in which the coals are to be held and the blades heated. Mom has metal barrels in which her ingredients come in for her lotion, so I previously took one of the empty barrels and cut it in half. That will be for the outside, or hearth, of the forge. For the firepot, I’m gonna need something a lot thicker. One way I could do it without the thicker metal, is have the hearth set in the ground, instead of standing up, as with the metal directly touching the earth, excess heat would dissipate faster, so no worries about the whole forge melting into sludge.

So also, what I’ll need is a an air source, which I have. Lucky ol’ me has one of ^these, so blowing air into the forge shouldn’t be a problem. If I set the forge in the ground, it should be a simple matter of digging a small trench, in which to place the hose, which I could have either using a PVC pipe to channel the air, or just hook the hose up directly to the side of the half-barrel.

If I have the forge standing up, I would hook up the air so it would be coming in through the bottom, usually a PVC pipe stuck in through the bottom, with the blowing end of the vacuum attached to the side of the pipe, so if any coals or ash fall down, they wouldn’t go directly into the good vacuum hose, but out through the other end of the PVC.

Another thing I would need is an anvil. I really doubt I would be able to get an actual anvil, so the best options currently available to me would really be any flat, heavy, sturdy piece of metal, in which I could pound away at. A small, foot-long piece of railroad track would be perfect. We have a small junkyard about a mile away from here, so I can check it out there.

So, those are the basic parts I need. Hopefully, though, I can get a good, thick piece of metal for the firepot; a brake drum would be perfect. That part would probably be the hardest to get.

Kawasaki Front Brake Drum Assy 41034-0051

Kawasaki Front Brake Drum Assy 41034-0051 (Photo credit: kla6kla6)

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