Carter Cutlery Video

English: Knive Murray Carter made, featured in...

English: Knive Murray Carter made, featured in the epic “The Last Kajiya”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Murray Carter, 7th Generation Yoshimo...

English: Murray Carter, 7th Generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith and Certified Master Bladesmith Nederlands: Murray Carter, 7de generatie Yoshimoto Bladesmith en Certified Master Bladesmith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know that Zemanta thingy that you can have when you are like, typing out a blog? Along with the little pictures, it shows a bunch of related articles. In one of these related articles, I found an article that said something about a guy, Murray Carter, who studied under a sixteenth-generation japanese bladesmith. I was intrigued, so I clicked the link. It turned out to be some article about the guy (like this one) so I clicked a link there to this website. Wow. Seriously, read his page.

Anyway, so after having gaped at his page for a bit, I went back to work, and throughout the day finished my school. So I went outside for a bit. When I came back in, whoopee do! Dad had bought and downloaded for me one of the guy’s knife sharpening videos! I started watching it, and just, O:  It is over two hours long, and full of professional sharpening tips, and shows you how to do it step-by step, and covers every single little detail in sharpening possible. It even shows you how to put up a sharpening set-up. It is just… and amazing video. You cross a Japanese Sensei Bladesmith with an American businessman, and the result is one of the biggest knife incorporations in the world.

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