Just a Fun Design I Came Up With

A little while back, I came with the idea to design a new weapon, sort of a woman’s self-defense, though it might be a little big to be carrying around with. Anyway, behold! The Serrated Frying Pan!!

Now, look at the center diagram. At the top/front, there is a large spear point protruding from the pan. This is for quick jabs or the cases when the wielder is able to do a powerful thrust. The point widens quickly as it goes closer to the pan, and so would do quite a lot of tissue damage.

Now, look on the right side of the main pan. The right side is serrated, designed so that in a good swing, even if the pan only grazes the enemy, the serrations will grab onto the surface of the target, and so rip out the surface, causing terrible tissue damage.

On the opposite side, the edge is not serrated, rather it is a plain cutting edge, and would be sharpened razor sharp and polished smooth. This part would act like an axe blade, for cleaving through enemy lines, splitting wood, or shaving.

Now, in the center, we have the main part of the pan itself, the stun, or concussion, plate. This is a very important part. You see, electricity is supplied up to the stun plate from the handle. The little jewel you see at the center of handguard is a button, which activates or de-activates the electricity. Once activated, a single tap on an average human can cause concussion immediately. Some people prefer the concussion plate without the electricity, as they like to hear the “boioioioioinnnnnggg” of the pan hitting someone’s head. This is less effective, but more enjoyable, generally.

At the very bottom of the handle, (look at the first diagram) you see small blades that have been folded out. These are designed to stay inside the handle, in which case the bottom of the handle resembles a thin spearhead. Once it is stabbed into a surface, however, the pressure releases the spring-activated blades, and they swing out, in much the same way as a mechanical broadhead, so that they do enormous tissue damage once fully folded out. The blades themselves would also be able to detach, and be used as small throwing knives, similar to a bat-a-rang.


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