Knife Styles

After finishing my first knife, I was feeling ready to make some more, and hone my skills. I started out by profiling a large hunting knife, which will used mainly for such things as camping, exploring, and other such things that would require heavy chopping and cutting. At the time of writing, I am almost done angling down the edge, of which I am using a Hollow Edge, which will make the knife much sharper and it will cut much smoother than a convex  edge.                              

However, when I designed the knife, I did not have a picture in my mind of what it would be used for, I just wanted a large knife that would be sharp and would look cool. The other day though, on the way to the Gem Club where I got the Acetylene tank fixed, Dad asked me to sketch a design for a knife that would ornamental and one that a young lady would carry around with her for self defense.

I started sketching, and what I came up with was a slender dagger, thin near the hilt (little more than a centimeter), and then suddenly widening out to about an inch wide, and then thinning into the point, about three inches further along the blade. Because it would be so thin, it would enable very easy stabbing actions, and (sorry if I get graphic) would deal more damage as the blade went further in, as it widened only gradually, meaning easy in, easy out, so the bearer of the knife could do quick stabs as fast as she could.

It would be this thin because it is not meant for cutting or hacking, such as a hunting knife, but rather for quick stabs. The thin, graceful blade would match it’s bearer. It would be a small, beautiful thing that could be worn on a belt, beautifully glinting and warning potential assailants.

This knife will probably turn out better than the hunting knife will, as I had a better idea of what it would be used for when I designed it. Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out!


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