Acetylene Tank


Just last night my Dad took me to the Shasta Gem club, intending to work on a new hunting knife I’ve been making (I’ll blog about that some other time). When I had been taking my silversmithing lessons a while back, we bought from him some equipment; a dremel, the hose and torch for acetyelene, and the tank of acetylene. There was some problem with the nozzle of the tank, and the regulator (the thingy that controls how much gas is travelling into the hose) would not screw onto the tank all the way. 

Anyway, we took the tank as well as the torch, hose, and regulator to the gem club to see if anyone knew what was wrong. The members of that club are experts at these sort of things. One of them, who was expert at welding and steel types, and so knew all about torches and that sort of equipment, tried out the regulator on our tank. As usual, it didn’t screw on all the way, and he then tried it on a different tank there to see if there was a problem with the regulator. It tightened fine on the other tank, then he tried it again on my tank. This time, for some reason, it tightened fine, and he hooked everything up and “fired it up”. It worked perfectly, with a beautiful blue flame. He showed me how to light it, turn it on and off, unhook everything for travel and screw it all back on. He also gave me some tips on hardening and tempering steel, and also the types of steel in use today. 

So now, I have an Acetylene torch, which produces very precise and concentrated heat, and is nearly hot enough for welding steel!

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