Tuesday I went to the gem club and cabbed some agate I got for my birthday (I’m still open to presents, by the way) as well as a thin piece of turquoise. When I finished up the polishing they both looked gorgeous, but the turquoise was a little thin, so I will be making it into a doublet.

A doublet is any stone glued onto another stone for  durability, enhancement, or imitation. In the case with my turquoise, I will be gluing it onto a thin piece of quartz or agate, and then grind the edges flush. This is to give stone durability and make it high enough so the silver bezel fits just over it.

When a doublet is used for enhancement, let’s say we have a thin piece of aquamarine with hardly any color in it. We glue it onto a piece of blue-colored glass. The blue shines through the aquamarine, thereby ‘enhancing’ the color. For another type of enhancing double, let’s say we have a piece of opal that was really thin and small. To make it look bigger, we glue a piece of clear glass on top.

For gemstone imitation, it’s basically a clear garnet (cheap) glued onto a colored base. These are very easy to detect, if you just have presence of mind to look a the doublet from the side. It will immediately turn clear.

A while back, I bought a pin from a yard-sale that had a bunch of stones set into it. There were like 20 different stones in it, and most of them were imitation, one of them an amethyst doublet.

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