Salt Use in Pools

Due to popular request (well, one request. I don’t have very many subscribers) today’s post will be about salt, and about how it works as a cleaning agent when used in pools. I know at least two of my subscribers have pools, so here you go.

When you open your eyes in a chlorine pool, gradually your eyes begin to sting. This is because of the natural Hydrogen atoms that grab onto the chlorine atoms, which irritate your skin. Using the salt process eliminates this.

To tell you the truth, when using salt for your pool, it is still chlorine doing the cleaning for you. Now, salt is composed of sodium and… what else? -Chlorine. The salt is put through a Chlorine Generator, where a finely directed electrical current (called electrolysis) separates the sodium and chlorine, and puts them back in the pool, where most of the chlorine hooks onto oxygen instead of hydrogen, and the rest of the chlorine hooks onto the sodium. Hooked onto the oxygen, the chlorine can still kill bad bacteria, but does not irritate human skin.


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