English: Baltic amber inclusions - Ant - About...

English: Baltic amber inclusions – Ant – About 7 mm long. Alternate amber with fingers cropped slightly, keeping a 2:3 aspect ratio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last two posts were of gems that are not technically stones, but you could still consider them so. I see no reason why not to continue the flow, so today’s topic is Amber.

Let’s say there was an ant, scurrying along the trunk of a tree, when it accidentally steps into a bit of resin that is sticking to the trunk. The ant tries to pull free, but is unable. Before it dies of starvation, a drop of more resin rolls down, engulfing the ant. The resin rolls down to the ground and is gradually buried in deep soil, which compresses and sort of hardens that drop of resin. This hardened form is called amber, which you very well may own in your jewelry. And if there is some sort of bug in there, well, that’s a bonus.

So there you have it. Amber is that sticky stuff that gets all over you when you try to climb pine trees. All the same, it’s beautiful when not sticking to you.

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