Fire Agate

Fire agate

Fire agate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever seen fire agate? It is a sort of murky reddish brown, and, bursting out of that murkiness, are hills of fire, displaying the same kind of fire that is present in precious opal. I have seen some carvings and pictures of carvings in fire agate, and it is gorgeous

What is interesting though, is that the only agate that has this fiery iridescence also is very murky brown, as I said before. Now, before I go on, try to guess what that reddish-brown color is due to. If you guess it correctly, without reading ahead, you get a, um, a “good job”. So, guess the answer, scroll down to the comments without reading ahead, and comment your guess.

Come on

Don’t worry, unless you’re an alien, you have seen it before…

Okay! Time’s up! The answer is… (look away if you have not yet commented) Iron oxide, A.K.A Iron rust. Good job if guessed correctly. Now back to the color. The opalescence (So called because the color is produced the same general way as opal’s color) is produced when silica fluid (basically agate dissolved in water) flows into a hollow, starts hardening, then some Iron Oxide flows in on top of that, and it alternates, forming little bubbles. Because of the alternating agate and rust, the light bounces around considerably, coming to your eye in different wavelengths.

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