Through The Eyes of a Jeweler

Here is a poem I made for a poetry contest, enjoy!

Through The Eyes of a Jeweler



In each year there are many months,

also there are seasons, twice twofold,

I think summer is best,

though “winter is better” is what I’ve been told.


Through the eyes of a Jeweler,

I begin to notice the color tones;

in the summer, things around me

are magically transformed into gemstones.


I woke up Saturday morning,

watching the rising Citrine sun,

slowly over the Iolite mountains

and so my day has begun


As I ate breakfast, fingering the wood table

and thinking about how it resembled Tiger-eye,

my parents gathered Selenite baskets,

and I soon found out why.


We arrived at the orchard

And began picking the Ruby cherries

out from under Jade leaves,

I tasted of the fruit and listened to the chirping of the canaries.


We all piled back in the van,

and came to the Aquamarine lake

where we all swam next to the beach

tiny Quartz crystals in their make.


When we were done swimming,

we all gathered on the Emerald grass

to eat watermelon that I saw

as Tourmaline, (a stone fitting for a pretty little lass).


Then we return home and sleep outside,

under the Diamond flecked Obsidian sky,

with a single Moonstone shining bright:

there, peacefully dreaming, I lie.




1 thought on “Through The Eyes of a Jeweler

  1. Caleb Harris

    I will, actually, the deadline is today, so I hope my poem got to them in time. Yes, I had to send it by the postal service, not by E-mail.


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