The Samurai Sword, or Katana

Around the time of Marco Polo, the great explorer, the Mongol Empire was huge, almost twice the size of the Roman Empire. The reason for this was their horsemanship and accuracy with the bow. These horse archers were deadly as they galloped around their enemy while shooting arrows with surprising accuracy. These riders had conquered all of modern day China, and were going for Japan.

The Mongols crossed over to Japan and invaded, but the Japanese just slaughtered them. Why did the Mongols not win? Well, Japan is very mountainy, and the horses could not get a good grip on the slope. Also, the Japanese had the Samurai, the elite warriors, the best of the best, who carried with them the “heart of the Samurai” the Katana sword.

This sword was the best type of sword in history, it was strong, razor sharp (literally, razor sharp, not as if I mean to say it was sharp, but I mean as sharp as a razor) and beautiful. It could cut cleanly through a piece of bamboo 8 inches wide! This was such a good sword, the Japanese used the Katana in battle from before the Mongol invasion all the way up until World War II. 

If you give me a comment, or at least a like, I will tell you in my next blog how this sword was made.


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