The Cullinan Diamond

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Lesser Star of Africa diamond - copy

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Glass copies of the nine diamonds cut from the...

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In 1905, at the Premier mine in South Africa, the largest known Diamond was discovered, wheighing 3,106 carats! A Diamond a cubic centimeter weighs approximately 9 carats, so I’ll let you calculate how large the Cullinan Diamond measured.

This Diamond was too large to wear so it was given to a famous jeweler to cut in several pieces. He studied the diamond for a year before attempting to split it. Once he delivered the blow that split the diamond, he fainted. When he woke up, his friends informed him that he was successful. Upon hearing this, he fainted again.

The largest piece was cut and is set int the royal scepter of England. The second largest piece, the Cullinan II, was set the British Imperial crown, below the Black Prince’s Ruby. 

It is still the largest diamond ever discovered. It has never been sold.

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