Pomegarnets, also known as Garnets


The term “Garnet” actually refers to a group of six or seven Minerals, not one solitary stone. Here I will cover the most popular and widely known type, Pyrope. I have noticed the term Garnet is usually used for Pyrope, and so I use it likewise.

Garnet probably got its name from granutus, meaning stones of grain. Or else (I think it most likely) it comes from pomegranate, the seeds of which look remarkably like Pyropes! The first two photos are of pomegranate seeds, but the photos didn’t turn out too well, though it is pomegranate season. You have a chance to see the splendor of Pyropes in a pomegranate seed if you do not own any Garnet jewelry.

The third photo is a Garnet I cabbed at the Gem Club. Unfortunately this stone has many inclusions. It looks a lot better in the photo than in real life and it has cracked already. 



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