Gem and mineral show

This Saturday/Sunday the gem and mineral show is going on at the Shasta fairgrounds in California.

Many of you don’t know what a gem show is, so here it goes: the gem show is a farmer’s market that sells mineral specimens, gem rough, cut stones, crystals, tools, jewelry in general, and much, much more! Oh yeah, unlike a Farmer’s market, it goes twice a year, once in May, and once in October, whereas Farmer’s markets go once a week in the summer.

When I go, I’ll be looking for Dremel bits, (mostly for polishing ) some polish, hopefully a grinder, gem rough, a good loupe, and a few other things.

A lot of people from the club will be selling their stuff, but there will not be as many stalls as the May show, because the on the May one, invites are sent out all over, even out of the state.

If you like to make, buy, or just plain look at jewelry, you should be there!

It’s this Saturday through Sunday, at the Shasta fairgrounds from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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