Solids, Liquids, and Gases


O.K., now some people think there are classifications of solids, liquids, and gases. That’s N-O-T NOT true. You can’t classify water, for example, as a liquid. I’ll tell you why. In the atomic structure of a solid, each atom has a strong, atomic bond with eachother. In a liquid, those bonds are super weak, causing the atoms to slip and slide over eachother. In a gas, the Atoms are just floating around eachother with no bond at all. (Oh, heat breaks bonds, just to let you know) So, for water, at 0 degrees celcius, there is not enough heat to weaken bonds, so the atoms form a rigid, hard structure, so forming what we call Ice. More heat weakens those bonds, letting the Atoms slide around, and so is Water. Even more heat totally breaks those bonds, and the Atoms float around eachother at a distance, forming what we call Steam, a gas. When you burn wood, the heat from the fire totally breaks the Carbon bonds, and, being farther apart (less dense) than the Oxygen bonds around them, just float away as Smoke.

The photo above is a symbolic picture of God (on day 2 of Creation) parting the waters, making land, and revealing the periodic table of Elements. By the way, can you find where on the picture I hid my name? (It’s real tricky, it took dad a while to find it).


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