Cilvel* War

*Cilvel, a mix of “Civil” and “Silver”

Tom Peasley, one of the most important Virginia City residents, also a loyal Unionist, had heard whispers about “The Knights of The Golden Circle” a Confederate society operating around Virginia City. Tom also found out that their leader, “Terry”, had raised 107 men. If the Confederates took the Silver mines, then that would go a long way against the Unionists. Peasly notified the Fort Churchill officers for help -no answer. Then, one bright, clear morning, there was seen a crowd around the Johnny Newman’s saloon, on top of which the Confederate flag was flapping in the breeze. Dr. Mcmeans, a leader of the Knights of the Golden Circle, (with 200 Knights at his back) was making a speech, claiming the Comstock lode for the Confederates, and threatening anyone who would try to resist. Bob Waterhouse, a friend of Peasley, then rose the Unionist flag on the other side while shouting that he would shoot whoever tried to take it down. Just then, Peasley arrived with a small platoon of men, and a fight was sure to ensue, when the clatter of horses and the rolling of drums was heard from the nearby canyon, and the Unionist uniform was sighted.

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