The Japanese Katana (Samurai Sword); possibly the world’s sharpest Sword

A few days ago, (after we got back from Lamanon) I remembered that a long time ago we saw a a movie about making the well-known Katana, or Samurai Sword. So I looked for it on Netflix. They had it all right, but it is only for rent. Hulu and Amazon didn’t have it, but I finally found it on Youtube in six sections:  secrets of the samurai sword by Nova. It is really a fascinating movie. Sometime in the (hopefully) near future I may show up at your door with a homemade Samurai sword. I don’t have the tools yet, but until then I am going to to be experimenting.

By the way, if you have an old (or new) BENCH GRINDER that you don’t want, let me know.


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