My favorite Rock & Gem “Incorporations”

My personal favorite Gem companies are:

#1. Gaumers of Red Bluff I was told about from one of the men from the gem club. I wish I could “work” there! The store has a perfect layout.

#2. Pretty Rock is an online store from which I just ordered a Gem scale for only $20.00, it can weigh down to .o1g min. and 500g max. it hasn’t come in yet, but when it does, I can be really precise in my S.G. tests.

#3. Rock & Gem Magazine I borrowed a copy from the gem club & it is such a good one that I think I’ll subscribe! it cost about $20 per year $30 for two years, at one issue a month.

#4. Mineralab from which I (through amateur geologist) got my deluxe hardness kit. It has much professional high-tec equipment.     

But I would never have found out about any of these were it for the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society*


*the Gem club


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