Jasper: Stone of Imagination


Landscape Jasper is just beautiful! it looks like one of those Chinese landscape paintings. It is a perfect stone for imagination, (I once cabbed some picture jasper & gave it to dad for Fathers Day; he says it looks like an old Japanese warrior, and I say it looks like a gnarled beast).

The first photo shows a slab I got at the last gem show I think shows Noah’s flood, the lower part already covered with water flowing out from the chasm on the left. In the background, a volcano is erupting (shown in detail in the second photo).

In the third photo second from top is some landscape jasper I cabbed from the slab above it, under it is two other small pieces of landscape jasper, and under that some trinidad jasper.

Jasper is a form of Chalcedony, Chalcedony includes Jasper, Agate, Carnelian, Onyx,, Sard, and Sardonyx (yes, a mix of Sard and Onyx) in turn, Chalcedony is a type of Quartz.

One more statement, I always relate picture jasper with Gaumers of Red Bluff.



1 thought on “Jasper: Stone of Imagination

  1. Mrs. Stutz

    I really like this. I want to put it in our garden. That jasper is really beautiful and definitely tells a story. 🙂


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