Monthly Archives: February 2011

One of the best and cheapest ways to buy Gems & Precious Metals

Some call em’ moving sales. Some call em’ yard or garage sales. I call em’ nearly free treasure sales!

Look carefully at the local Yard sales, because I was, at one yard sale able to get three rings for only 50 cents! One (my favorite) is silver set with (as I identified it) a natural Sapphire, the second is also silver set with (I think) a large bit of faceted Ionite, and the third (I’m not sure the metal) is set with (I’m nearly positive) Morganite (pink Beryl). I also bought for $5 a 14K gold chain with a pendant:   #1.MOM    I gave the pendant to Mom, (after all, She is the number one Mom!) and sold the chain to Chuck’s Coin for $33 (I would’nt have done that with a Gemstone!).

One of my freinds, Justin, bought some silver at yard sales for $3 and re-sold them for around $50!

So, look carefully at your local yard sales!                                     

Simeon’s 5th Birthday


On Feb. 15 Simeon is going to turn 5! For some reason, Simeon really likes belts, so I went to Gaumers and got a yellow (Simeon’s favorite color) slab of Mookaite, worked on it at the Gem Club, and set it in a belt buckle. As you can see from the photo, it looks like beautifu a yellow crescent moon.


Oh, I know hardly anything about Mookaite, so please don’t ask me about it for a while.