The Variety of Quartz


Quartz comes in many varieties, and here I will show (the stones in the photo are numbered) 6 different types of Quarz, one of the most common minerals on earth:


#1. Amethyst, a gorgeous Violet, is the only type of Quartz known a Birthstone (February), and is (almost) the most valuable type of Quartz. There is a type of Quartz that is half yellow, half purple. can you guess it’s name? Comment your answer or let me know if you need a hint.

#2. Tigereye, grouped with Hawkeye and all types of Quartz with the Cat’s-eye effect, is called Chatoyant Quartz (obviously). Tigereye has long fiber inclusions that bounces around light, causing that famed “shimmer”. Tigereye is almost always golden-brown. 

#3. Aventurine Quartz is coloured by inclusions, the green colour shown here is caused by fuchsite mica. It does not take a very good polish (as I have found, working on this stone) because of the mica crystals inside.

#4. Citrine is so named because of it’s golden-yellow color; the name derives from the word Citrus, (oranges, tangerines, kumquats (I love kumquats!) lemons, e.t.c.). Gem-quality Citrine is very rare, making it worth even more than Amethyst. Citrine is coloured by traces of Iron.

#5.Rock Crystal is regular, uncoloured, Quartz. The word Quartz comes from the Greek word Krustallos, meaning Ice; the ancients believed it was Ice frozen so hard that it would never melt. The Fortune-teller’s Crystal Balls were made of Rock Crystal. Since then, scientists have found that if an electrical current passes through a bit of Rock Crystal, it vibrates so regularly that it can be used to move watch hands! (now you know why it says QUARTZ on your clock or watch!).

#6. Rose Quartz is the pink (or Rose-colored) type. If you ask me, I say the pink color is spectacular!                                                             My brother, Jonathan, Gave my Mom a Rose Quartz crystal about three inches high!


1 thought on “The Variety of Quartz

  1. Jonathan Harris

    Caleb said-That reason being because Amethyst is your birthstone, but I say that Amethyst, as the most prized type, represents ALL the varieties of Quartz (except Chalcedony, which is a close "cousin" to Quartz). Though that is not really true, I say that is how it SHOULD be.


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