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The Variety of Quartz


Quartz comes in many varieties, and here I will show (the stones in the photo are numbered) 6 different types of Quarz, one of the most common minerals on earth:


#1. Amethyst, a gorgeous Violet, is the only type of Quartz known a Birthstone (February), and is (almost) the most valuable type of Quartz. There is a type of Quartz that is half yellow, half purple. can you guess it’s name? Comment your answer or let me know if you need a hint.

#2. Tigereye, grouped with Hawkeye and all types of Quartz with the Cat’s-eye effect, is called Chatoyant Quartz (obviously). Tigereye has long fiber inclusions that bounces around light, causing that famed “shimmer”. Tigereye is almost always golden-brown. 

#3. Aventurine Quartz is coloured by inclusions, the green colour shown here is caused by fuchsite mica. It does not take a very good polish (as I have found, working on this stone) because of the mica crystals inside.

#4. Citrine is so named because of it’s golden-yellow color; the name derives from the word Citrus, (oranges, tangerines, kumquats (I love kumquats!) lemons, e.t.c.). Gem-quality Citrine is very rare, making it worth even more than Amethyst. Citrine is coloured by traces of Iron.

#5.Rock Crystal is regular, uncoloured, Quartz. The word Quartz comes from the Greek word Krustallos, meaning Ice; the ancients believed it was Ice frozen so hard that it would never melt. The Fortune-teller’s Crystal Balls were made of Rock Crystal. Since then, scientists have found that if an electrical current passes through a bit of Rock Crystal, it vibrates so regularly that it can be used to move watch hands! (now you know why it says QUARTZ on your clock or watch!).

#6. Rose Quartz is the pink (or Rose-colored) type. If you ask me, I say the pink color is spectacular!                                                             My brother, Jonathan, Gave my Mom a Rose Quartz crystal about three inches high!

Wanted: Machete Information


Two girls on my street were looking in the hollow of a tree and found a rusty old machete inside. They showed it to me and I sharpened it and removed the rust. Underneath that “coat of rust”, just above the hilt on one side was inscribed:                U.S. 965        and on the other side was:   1904  (which we think is the date).

I took a few photo’s, so if you can tell me anything about it (it’s value, what 965 means e.t.c.) I’d be much obliged.        

The May Gem and Mineral Show

On May 13, 14, and 15, (friday, saturday, and sunday)  on the Shasta Fairgrounds, there is going to be a Huge Gem and Mineral show, and I’m planning to get a more accurate S.G. tester, a good rock hammer, maybe a Gem pocketbook, the remaining birthstones I don’t have, and one or two other things.

                                                         Even though it’s a while from now,               

                                                                   DON’T MISS IT!