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I now have a second* Sister!!!!!!!


*Noelle is my first sister

Announcing; Johannna Rose Harris, Birthstone: Topaz, age:48hrs, Birthday:November 7, at exactly 7:11 AM.

She is sooooooo cute! She weighed 7p 3oz, length:19.5 in.

(actually, for a while before I was born, Mom and Dad thought I was going to be a girl, so they planned my name to be Johanna! But very thankfully, that changed when I was born).

The Five Organic Gems

Organic Gems are Gems that are not of stone origin, as I said in my post of the Pearl, though here I will write it in a little more detail, so, here it is, Pearl, Coral, Jet, Amber, and Ivory, the Five Organic Gems:

Pearl: A spherical ball of Nacre created by an Oyster to protect itself from irritants (further detail in my post on the Pearl). Comes in many colors: white, golden, green, blue, black, pink, and I think purple.

Coral: A sea creature that is sort of a mix between an animal and a plant, red Coral was used as an amulet to protect children from evil spirits. Red coral is the most valuable coral, though it also comes in black, blue, and cream-colored, depending on “local” conditions.

Jet: During Noah’s flood, the raging water toppled trees, covering them with tons of sand and earth. over the years, the trees became extremely tightly compressed from all the earth and stone, producing a fine-grained black “rock” known as Jet! during the Flood, small sea creatures and other animals became trapped with the wood, so you may see fossils in your Jet jewelry! Jet comes only in black.

Amber: Fossilized tree resin is called Amber. Sometimes when the resin starts oozing out the tree, insects (and, rarely, frogs and lizards) get trapped in the sticky sap; so, years later when the resin is fossilized, the insect’s body is very well preserved; having been totally sorrounded by the Amber!

Ivory: Obtained from the teeth, tusks, antlers, and horns of animals; it is now illigal to kill many Ivory-bearing animals, especially Elephants. The “flesh” of the satue of Zeus at Olympia (one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World) is made of Ivory.