The Pearl; Princess of the Sea


Pearl is the Birthstone of June, usually a silky golden-white; it is the most popular organic Gem. Organic Gems are not of stone origin: Amber is fossilized tree resin, Coral is… well, coral, a sea-creature that is sort of a plant, sort of an animal (ask a Diver, s/he’ll know), Jet is extremely compacted wood, and Pearl is from a clam. Well, here’s how it’s “created”; when an irritant enters a clam shell, (such as a grain of sand, dead insects, e.t.c.) to protect itself the clam spreads a special substance called Nacre over the irratant, forming a round ball of nacre, thus a pearl. Pearls that are not perfectly spherical are called baroque Pearls, and are not as valuable as the spherical ones. They are not as valuable because the spherical ones are “perfect” and much less common than baroque pearls. (that’s why I was able to buy a string of pearls for only $4)

Pearls can come in White, Gold, Pink, Black, and I’m pretty sure they come in Green, too.

A way to test if Pearls are real, rub them against the bottom of your tooth; if they feel rough, you have an authentic Pearl. If it feels smooth, then it is a fake.

Hardness: 2.5 


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