The Gem and Mineral Show*

*Not the Club, Show.

There is a Gem and Mineral Show going on in the Shasta Fairgrounds on the 16th and 17th, it’s sort of like a Farmer’s Market though it sells Rocks, Gems, Minerals, E.T.C., and it is way bigger, and best of all (well, almost best) some of my work will be displayed there (in one of the buildings, I’m not sure which one). beware of fake stones, though, I know that they sell “bottles of gold”, (don’t buy that!) for about $3 and fake Turquoise is sold a lot, too! Nicholas once bought a small bottle of Turquoise nuggets, and put water in with the Turquoise; the water turned blue, and the “Turquoise” white! Some tips when buying Turquoise: get only light-color Turquoise, dark-color is most likely fake! Also, if you have a powerful loupe or microscope, examine the stone, authentic Turquoise has tiny white fluffy inclusions.


1 thought on “The Gem and Mineral Show*

  1. Jonathan Harris

    Caleb said-At the show I got two uncut "bits" of Peridot, two slabs of some Landscape Jasper, a small uncut Emerald, a piece of Amber, and a strand of black baroque Pearls.


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