Gold is Going up in value!

The value of Gold has lately been steadily rising. And yesterday we were at “Chuck’s Coins” (a shop in Redding thats sells some Jewelry as well as Coins) and while were there, (My brother Jonathan was buying some Coins) I inquired about some Gems, “Chuck” the owner said that lately, since the price of Gold is going up, people have been Ripping Gems off their Gold Jewelry  to melt down the Gold for It’s value! Which, he said causes the gems to go Down in value! Although that may be good for me, a good piece of Jewelry ought not to be destroyed, whatever the value. So don’t let me catch you ripping off Gems from your Necklace!                                                                                       

1 thought on “Gold is Going up in value!

  1. Jonathan Harris

    Caleb said-No, we arrived in the last ten minutes before it closed, so most of the things were being put away, but my brother Jonathan got a Walking Liberty Half dollar, some Mercury dimes, some Buffalo Nickels, V Nickels,an Indian head penny, and a set of Steel pennies.


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