Opal: a dark to light, blue-green hue


Opal is the Birthstone of October (my younger brother Nicholas’s and younger sister Noelle’s birthstone) . It usually has a blue-green hue that reminds me of a shining star. Many people used to think that Opal was unlucky, but I think It’s one of the most beautiful stones known.

      The ring in the picture shows one of my favorite ways of holding stones. I call it the Dragon claw hold (you can see why).

      There are two main types of Opal, Black Opal and White Opal. The latter being shown in the picture. Black Opal is darker, prettier, and rarer than White Opal, I just added a picture of Black Opal (the ring belongs to my Mom’s midwife).



1 thought on “Opal: a dark to light, blue-green hue

  1. Jonathan Harris

    Caleb said-Chloe, If they were born in October then you are correct.Though there are many different Birthstone charts I go by the most "common" one (sometime I’ll post it).


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